Bluelab Combo Meter Plus

(measures EC, pH, temperature, faster measurements on any substrate)

Product Features/Benefits:

  • Measure pH, conductivity and temperature anytime, anywhere
  • Very simple design, easy to use, clean and calibrate
  • Backlit display easily captures every measurement
  • The Leap pH Probe is safely stored and ready to start measuring right away
  • Includes calibration-free conductivity probe
  • 2-meter cable for measurements in hard-to-reach locations
  • Automatic temperature compensation for accurate readings anywhere
  • Custom scale to your liking – conductivity in EC, CF, PPM 500 (TDS) or PPM 700; temperature in °C or °F

Pay attention to the fundamentals:

3-in-1 portable solution

  • Fundamental parameters such as pH, conductivity and temperature all play a key role in driving optimal nutrient uptake. With Bluelab’s Combo Meter Plus you can measure all of these essentials in one convenient portable device.
  • Conductivity indicates the total amount of nutrients in the solution, while pH (potential hydrogen) indicates the acidity or alkalinity of the medium, which determines the absorption of nutrients. Temperature affects plant growth rate and structure.
  • The Bluelab Combo Meter Plus measures pH, conductivity and temperature in substrate, nutrient pool, runoff and supply water. Plus, this meter is go-anywhere, giving you quick and accurate readings anytime, anywhere.

Bluelab Combo Meter Plus

(测量 EC、pH、温度,在任何底物上进行更快的测量)


  • 随时随地测量 pH 值、电导率和温度
  • 非常简单的设计,易于使用、清洁和校准
  • 背光显示屏可轻松捕捉每一次测量
  • Leap pH 探针已安全存放并准备好立即开始测量
  • 包括免校准电导率探头
  • 2 米长的电缆,用于在难以到达的位置进行测量
  • 自动温度补偿,可在任何地方获得准确读数
  • 根据您的喜好自定义比例 – EC、CF、PPM 500 (TDS) 或 PPM 700 中的电导率;以°C 或°F 为单位的温度



  • pH、电导率和温度等基本参数在推动最佳养分吸收方面都发挥着关键作用。使用 Bluelab 的 Combo Meter Plus,您可以在一个方便的便携式设备中测量所有这些基本要素。
  • 电导率表示溶液中营养物质的总量,而 pH(潜在氢)表示培养基的酸性或碱性,这决定了营养物质的吸收。温度会影响植物的生长速度和结构。
  • Bluelab Combo Meter Plus 可测量基质、营养库、径流和供水中的 pH 值、电导率和温度。此外,这款仪表可随时随地使用,随时随地为您提供快速准确的读数。


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